Technical Writing in English 2

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Advanced Writing Practices for English-Language Documentation

English is now the common language and source language of most projects, even though it is not the first language of the majority of the writers in project teams. This course builds on the principles learned in our Technical Writing 1 course, teaching you not just how to write correctly but how to write like a native speaker. We deal with some of the more challenging aspects of writing in English and demonstrate advanced solutions to issues from the first course.

This course also looks beyond basic language issues and teaches you to adapt your writing to suit a variety of styles, processes, and output formats.


The aim of this course is to develop your writing to an advanced level, not just teach you what is correct but provide you with the tools to make decisions about your style and tone so that you can start to write more like a native speaker.


Technical writers who want to significantly improve the quality of their documentation and adapt to the changing standards and styles of modern technical documentation.


Part one of the Technical Writing seminar.


EUR 410,00 zzgl. MwSt.


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  • Advanced Structure and Language Use
  • Advanced Common Mistakes
  • American vs. British English
  • Writing for Modern Documentation Processes
  • Quality Management
  • Standards and Guidelines



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