Our Training Concept

Practice makes perfect

Our instructors know their subject matter through years of practical experience. This means that we can give you practice-oriented answers to your questions and offer concrete solutions that you can implement at your workplace. In addition, we will give you lots of useful tips and tricks that will ease your daily work.

More than just listening

Our courses are a blend of clear, informative seminars and practice-based exercises to do alone and in groups. When planning our courses, we take into account typical changing levels of receptiveness and concentration over the day. Our training center has separate rooms for theory and for practical computer-based exercises.

Small groups

We take a personal approach to addressing your needs and try to satisfy as many of your requests as possible. Our courses aim to help you make progress in your field of work. We want you to find topics interesting and be motivated so that you get the best results. Therefore, we only work in small groups with a maximum of eight participants.

Feel welcome at all times

We want you to enjoy your time with us – and not just during courses. When you arrive, cold drinks, small snacks, hot tea, and fresh coffee await. At lunch time, we take you to a local restaurant, share experiences, get to know each other, talk and laugh - and, of course, eat. After this social get-together, the afternoon flies by, even if it can sometimes get late. We won't look at the clock until all your questions are answered.

Not just in Munich

Instead of half your company having to travel to Bavaria, we can come to you. On request, we will hold courses at your premises and adapt the course contents to meet your individual work situation. Maybe your work situation is highly specialized and will require long-term, extensive training – no problem – we will support you at your workplace for as long as you require our services.


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